Ammy Admin Error 12007 with Windows 8

Hi again,

I’ve been using Ammyy Admin to support family members and friends for a while now, but since I’ve upgraded to Windows 8, the program seems to fail it’s initial connection to it’s public servers upon start up.

It keeps popping out an error window:

Error {12007} occured while connecting to server “”
Would you like to change proxy settings?

Ammy Admin Error 12007 Windows 8

To solve this, just open the Ammyy Admin setting menu and un-check the “Run under SYSTEM account on Windows Vista/7/2003/2008” check-box.

Uncheck Run under SYSTEM account

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  1. hi, I had the same error, I found that refers to failure to connect to the ammy server put an external proxy in configuration and it worked, search pro proxy list that there are external proxy sites, place a proxy and external door of right.

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