Troubleshooting Windows Task Scheduler

Had a nice issue with this, a few tasks were set to run on a server, running .bat files.

okay so ? all simple till now 😉

here’s what i found:

1 – the task was set to run under a specific user.

2 – that user was given “Log on as a batch job” security assignment on that server.

3 – the bat was failing to start in task scheduler.

4 – there were other jobs , running VBS and running okay !

now .. i’ve scratched my head a bit a found this great article about how to toubleshoot: a great article , check it out ! the site also has some great stuff for ISA Server & Exchange if you into it..

in section 2.b it referenced my Part 1 solution, the bat file had a reference to a MAPPED drive ! running non-interactive = no mapped drives.

Part 2 solution

going back to point 4 , i’ve figured its a security issue , although the user had the “log on as batch job” right .. CMD.EXE was manually edited with security permissions, BUILTINBATCH group was missing the read/execute security permission on it.

There .. now it works 🙂

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