SeSecurityPrivilege issues while running setup for Exchange 2007

So, yet another implamentation of exchange, this time i’ve encounted the following error while installing the CAS role on the server.

Setup exited with the following error:

The process does not possess the ‘SeSecurityPrivilege‘ privilege which is required for this operation.

Searching the privilege showed that “Exchange Servers” & more accurate in our situation , the “Domain Administrators were not configured in the “Manage auditing and security log” , because the Default Domain Policy & Default Domain Controllers Policy GPO’s was re-created and the default ones were left with the link set to off.

Easy to monitor those privileges with whoami.exe from the support tools, i love it that the server 2008 installs them all as dependencies !

Once we’ve added the DomainAdministrators , DomainExchange Servers to the policy , setup ran okay 🙂

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