Cluster Creation Wizard fails with 0x80090322 error

Hi again,

Today I’ve got a call from a client regarding a new Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 cluster, the create cluster wizard kept failing during the forming cluster step with a timeout..

Well, troubleshooting..

  1. Running Cluster LOG /gen
  2. Doing some reading…
  3. Locating the step and the error:

    [NODE] Node 1: New join with node2: stage: ‘Authenticate Initial Connection’ status HrError(0x80090322) reason: ‘[SV] Authentication failed’
    DBG [CHANNEL] Close().
    WARN cxl::ConnectWorker::operator (): HrError(0x80090322)’ because of ‘[SV] Authentication or Authorization Failed’

  4. Looking up 0x80090322 with ERR.EXE means SEC_E_WRONG_PRINCIPAL
  5. Lazy me , doing google for 0x80090322 cluster authentication failed
  6. Read “2 node cluster windows 2008 R2 cluster won’t form”
  7. Delete two users that were created to manage the servers.. node1 and node2 🙂
  8. Run create cluster wizard again – SUCCESS !
  9. Retrospective understand the error… SEC_E_WRONG_PRINCIPAL seems like the wizard can’t tell the difference between the user accounts and the computer accounts. (“By Design”)

Nice ! I was shocked from the solution.. but hey.. it worked instantly.