Hello! My name is Ilan Lanz.

I am a technology enthusiast, experienced consultant and a solutions architect with over ten years of experience. I’ve been working with customers and companies varying from small start-ups up to large and complex enterprises.
I’m primarily focused on Microsoft related services and software, with a wide foundation around IT infrastructures, security, automation and troubleshooting. In addition, I also performed instructor-led courses, custom training and presentations in various subjects.

I’ve started publishing my posts on this blog since 2008 and I love it! My goal is to keep sharing my experience and knowledge with the community. I try to mainly blog about stuff that I’ve found hard to search for, found out myself during trial and error or just stuff that needs an easy “one-pager” approach.

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My other-self is a techno artist along with my friend Michael Reznik under the name Triac, a non-compromising, live performing Techno duo. Check out more at – http://www.facebook.com/triacs and http://www.myspace.com/triacs

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